Great Ideas: An ocean of air

The famous bed of nails
A four-layer bed of nails using 6 inch nails. Youtube. 3 minutes. Guinness world record. Check out other links on youtube also.
Why can't you break an egg with one hand?
It c an't be done -the force is spread over too large an area so the pressure is too small
360º timelapse video captures Kerry above the clouds

In case you ever doubted that air is a fluid.

Air has mass
MyYouTube. Simple demonstrations. 2 mins
Where do trees get their mass from? Youtube. 4 mins. Via Veritasium
How heavy is air?
Possibly the single most important concept in the 'Pressure' chapter at both JC and LC
Youtube. 3 mins. Via TED-Ed.
Love the analogy with insects
Butterfly in a jar Wonderful resource for teaching about pressure. Imagine molecules in air to be like billions of these guys.

Did you know that Galileo couldn't accept that air has weight or exerts pressure?

The history of the barometer.
Youtube. 5 mins. Via TED-Ed.
Air takes up space
MyYouTube. Simple demonstrations. 5 mins
An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump.
One of the most famous images in Science
You can zoom in and also listen to a podcast
The atmosphere exerts pressure
Demonstrating atmospheric pressure with a marshmallow. Use a large syringe instead of the specialised apparatus.
MyYouTube. Simple demonstration. 3 mins
Using a Vac-U-Vin apparatus MyYouTube. Simple demonstration. 8 mins
Series of short demonstrations involving marshmallows MyYouTube. 6 mins.
Series of short demonstrations MyYouTube. 3 mins.
Nice animation of how a vacuum pump 'sucks up' water From 'Course the next question is "how does a vacuum pump wor"?'
Demonstrating atmospheric pressure - the imploding coke can

Simple demonstration. Includes an explanation.
From Hyperphysics. 1 min

Another look at this demonstration
A simulation and explanation from
Demonstrating atmospheric pressure - crushing a steel drum
Simple demonstration. Includes an explanation.
From Hyperphysics. 1 min
Video of the imploding train carraige
Youtube. 30 seconds
Imploding drum demonstration Youtube. 5 mins. Via Veritasium
The effects of underwater pressure on the body Link TED-Ed on YouTube. 4 mins
Pressure and Boiling Point
The relationship between pressure and boiling point. You could just use a large syringe.
MyYouTube. Simple demonstrations. 6 mins
It's called a Vac-U-Vin. Order it online MyYouTube. 4 mins
Simple animation of a pressure cooker
Adults Attempt To Do Middle School Science Experiments
The boiled egg and the bottle demo. Good fun
How to read a weather chart From Met Eireann