Ten Great Ideas: First Life

It's the science of the impossible 3 min video from howstuffworks 5 Star
How did life begin? In this documentary Harry Kroto explains how life begins. YouTube 7 mins. 4 Star
7 min crashcourse on Evolution Link Courtesy of Carl Sagan. YouTube 4 Star
Complex cells were originally made from bacteria coming together to be more efficient life. YouTube 4 mins
5 Star
How life on Earth began Link New scientist. YouTube 2 mins 3 Star
Is our universe fine-tuned for the existence of life? Weird stuff. From aeonmagazine.com  
How life began Youtube. 9 mins. Part 1 of 11 5 Star
2 Possibilities
Option 1: Panspermia; Life came from space Youtube. 9 mins. Part 1 of 3 5 Star
Could comets be the source of life on Earth? Link TED-ED YouTube 4 mins  
Option 2: Hydrothermal vents      
Underwater high temperature vents From teachersdomain.com. 5 min video 5 Star
David Gallo: The deep oceans: a ribbon of life Link Beautiful presentation of the variety of life that exists on the vents. From TED. YouTube 13 mins. 5 Star